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Tudor Watches

introduction to Tudor Watches

At the beginning of the 21st century, Tudor began the process of establishing a uniquely separate image without the need to rely on the Rolex association. Thus, they began by examining what made a classic Tudor and what consumers wanted in a brand. From this, Tudor debuted their first in-house movement, the MT5621. The new “Manufacture” line of movements was first introduced with the release of the Tudor “North Flag.”

black-faced Tudor watch

The calibre MT5621 not only exemplifies the Tudor style but is also COSC-certified and has a power reserve of 70 hours. The Tudor Pelagos is another revitalisation Tudor has released. A combination of vintage Tudor Oyster Submariners and modern technology, the Pelagos sports snowflake hands, its in-house movement, a helium escape valve, and water resistance of 500 meters. After the Tudor North Flag and Pelagos, Tudor released the Heritage Black Bay. Quintessential to Tudor’s brand revitalisation, the Black Bay combines vintage style, such as the snowflake hands and clean dial, with a modern twist, as seen by the 41mm and in-house movement. Available in a wide variety of styles and functions, the Black Bay is the famous Tudor collection

Considering Tudor’s rich heritage and high-quality yet durable watches, Tudor offers entry-level luxury watches at a semi-affordable price point. The average selling price for Tudor is approximately £3,000 on the secondary market, comparable to retail prices of many Tudor models, and most models range from £2K-£4K. Specific popular models, such as the Black Bay 58, often sell for above retail

gold-faced Tudor watch
Collection Reference Number Market Price
Black Bay 79830 £2,545
Prince 79280 £4,005
Pelagos 25600TN £2,877
Submariner 7928 £5,974

How much does a Tudor Watch cost?

Tudor watches typically sell between £484 – £15,057 on the secondary market, with an average asking price of £2,745.

The table shows the prices for some popular models across the Tudor collection.