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introduction to Rolex Watches

Few brands can lay claim to as many iconic watches as Rolex. These timepieces often made their name through prominent connections to various disciplines. Such examples include the GMT-Master that was developed for Pan Am aviators to enable tracking of multiple time zones, the Explorer that descended from the Oyster Perpetual watches involved in early Mount Everest expeditions, the Milgauss with antimagnetic properties fit for the scientific sector, and the Submariner that was the first diving watch capable of withstanding a depth of 100 metres.

Rolex black-face watch with brown leather strap

Rolex is a luxury watch manufacturer with retail prices ranging from £5,200 for the Oystersteel Perpetual 28 to £131,000 for the platinum and diamond Day-Date 40. In contrast to most other brands, new Rolex watches are often priced higher on the grey market at 5-109% above retail, such as for the Datejust and Submariner. However, discounts can still be found on the grey market at approximately 5-19% off the retail price for pieces like the Cellini Dual Time.

Used modern Rolex pieces start at £4,400 for the Oyster Perpetual Ladies, whereas vintage pieces start at £910 for the Precision. Works previously owned by notable figures have fetched up to £17.8 million in the auction, as in the case of actor Paul Newman’s Chronograph Daytona. With unrivalled brand recognition and high demand, Rolex timepieces generally retain their value well and, in select instances, can appreciate substantially and prove to be lucrative investments.

Oyster Perpetual Rolex watch
Collection Reference Number Market Price
DateJust 126334 £10,881
Submariner 16610 £8,809
Daytona 116520 £20,946
GMT-Master 1673 £13,952
Oyster Perpetual 124300 £8,352
Yacht-Master 16622 £8,089
Day-Date 1803 £9,700
Sea-Dweller 16600 £8,946
Explorer II 16570 £6,846
Explorer 214270 £7,394
Air-King 116900 £7,007
Date 1500 £2,942
Sky-Dweller 326934 £18,784
Milgauss 116400GV £8,594
Cellini 6623 £1,744
Pearlmaster 80318 £12,892

How much does a Rolex cost?

Rolex watches sell between £1,242 – £133,608 on the secondary market, with an average asking price of £10,842.

black-faced Rolex watch