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Free valuations on sculptures and bronze figures

At Olympia Mayfair, we are experts in buying Sculptures and bronze figures.

 You will receive a better price for your Sculptures when selling through us than through an auction because, unlike the auction houses, there are no fees incurred when selling through us. We offer a free, no-obligation quote, so why not find out how much your bronze sculpture is worth?

Our Experts

We pride ourselves on our expertise in Bonze and glass Sculptures.

Sell your Bronze Sculpture Privately

We offer a safe and secure process and ensure that maximum prices are paid. You’re in safe hands with Olympia Mayfair’s expert valuers.

Sell your Glass Sculpture

There’s no obligation to sell if you receive a quote from us. We purchase all types of sculptures throughout the United Kingdom, no matter their size or condition, while ensuring a compassionate and convenient service for anyone looking to sell their Sculptures. 

Sell Bronze figures

Due to our unbeatable international reach & over 30 years in the industry, we can ensure you get the best price for your items. Our service is fee-free, and immediate payment is made as soon as a price is agreed upon. Our valuation is sure to beat the auction

Selling your Sculptures to Olympia Mayfair is easy. We offer a personal service where we guide you through the process, including authenticating, certifying and valuing, completely free of charge. We are experts in our field. Whether you’re looking to sell Glass or bronze sculptures, our experts are here to help you every step of the way.
We offer the security of knowing your price is guaranteed. Unlike most auction houses, which often charge up to 40% in commission when considering the various fees, insurance and VAT – our buying service offers you the full value of your Sculpture.
When selling Bronze or glass sculpture, Olympia Mayfair is the best option to ensure you get the highest price. We pride ourselves in offering a discreet, fair and compassionate process, unlike any other buyer. Our extensive knowledge and network of buyers ensure the value of your antique furniture isn’t compromised. Our customers are often surprised by how much their sculptures are worth.

We buy all types of sculptures

Olympia Mayfair offers a comprehensive service for anyone looking to sell

Contact us today for a free no-obligation valuation to find out how much your sculpture is really worth. Our expert valuers with over 30 years of industry experience ensure you secure the best possible offer for your valuable items.

No Fees

Highest Prices paid for your valuables

No Premiums

Free SculptureValuation

We offer free, no obligation valuations of all sculptures. Just fill out the form below to receive a quick and easy price for your items.

Our Process


Guide Price

By filling in our free valuation form, you will receive an expert opinion on a guide price for your item. There’s no obligation by filling out the form, and there’s no fees incurred when using Olympia Mayfair to sell your items.


Free Valuation

The guide price will give you an idea of item value, but in order to really be 100% sure of an items value, we need to come out and see the item in person. We do this completely free of charge, and no obligations.



Once we’ve valued your item we will offer you that amount in full, with immediate payment. It’s absolutely fine to not accept this offer, or to take some time to think about the offer before accepting. We will be ready to purchase whenever suits you.

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