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Our expert valuers with over 30 years of industry experience ensure you secue the best price for your Chinese porcelain.

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Chinese Ming Dynasty

In early 2021, a second-hand enthusiast picked up an attractive, antique-looking, blue-and-white Chinese porcelain bowl for a measly $35 at a house clearance in the USA. The buyer felt like he’d stumbled on something special; it was a rare Ming dynasty piece with an estimated value of between $300,00 – $500,000.

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Olympia Mayfair experts have studied to acquire in-depth knowledge of the centuries-old practice of Chinese ceramics production.

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Rare Finds

We often hear Chinese porcelain fetching record prices–whether from as far back as the Qing dynasty or closer to today.

In 2010, a London woman was clearing out her late sister’s relatively modest home when she stumbled across an 18th-century Chinese vase stowed away in the attic. It ended up selling for a record-breaking $83 million to a Chinese buyer.

Chinese Porcelain Production

Chinese porcelain production began in the area that China occupies today in the Han dynasty–206 BC to 220 AD. Imperial production didn’t slow until the beginning of the 20th century, when the last Chinese dynasty, the Qing, ended in 1912.

Antique Chinese pottery is distinguished by a potter’s and dynasty or emperor marks. Chinese porcelain was (and still is in some areas) made entirely by hand in small family-run workshops. While it was made for the general population, specific kilns were nominated “royal kilns,” and they made ceramic vases, bowls, and more for the ruling class of the era.

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Contact us if you need advice on any Chinese artefacts, want to uncover the dynasty’s name and its emperor’s activities, or want to know when the item was made and its true value.

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Qing Dynasty Porcelain

Unfortunately, Qing dynasty ceramic forgeries are widespread and often challenging for a novice to detect.

Olympia Mayfair’s experts have studied to acquire in-depth knowledge of the centuries-old practice of Chinese ceramics production Anyone looking for advice on Chinese artefacts, please get in touch with us by telephone or email us in confidence.

Qing & Ming Dynasties

We are especially interested in Chinese porcelain made in the Qing and earlier Ming dynasties. Qing and Ming objects are more likely to feature a reign mark.

We want to buy your Chinese porcelain; here are the reign marks and dates of Chinese porcelain we are most interested in:

Shunzhi (1644 to 1661)
Kangxi (1662 to 1722)
Yongzheng (1723 to 1735)
Qianglong (1736 to 1795)
Jiaqing (1796 to 1820)
Daoguang (1821 to 1850)
Xianfeng (1851 to 1861)
Tongzhi (1862 to 1873)
Guangxu (1874 to 1908)
Hongxian (1909 to 1912)

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We Buy All Types of Chinese Porcelain

Olympia Mayfair offers a comprehensive service for anyone selling Chinese porcelain, especially from the below periods.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation valuation to find out how much your Chinese Porcelain is really worth. Our expert valuers with over 30 years of industry experience ensure you secure the best possible offer for your valuable items. 

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