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Free Antique Furniture Valuation

Olympia Mayfair offers a top level of service when buying antique furniture; we are interested in all types of quality period furniture, including Georgian, Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian. Our unique private buying services will guarantee that you have received the highest price for your antique furniture, which is unachievable when selling through an auction house, as there are no fees, commissions, and other charges – which will leave you full cash payment for your antique furniture.

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Our Experts

We pride ourselves on our expertise in period antique furntire.

Sell Antique Furniture Privately

We offer a safe and secure process, and always ensure maximum prices are paid. You’re in safe hands with Olympia Mayfair’s expert valuers.

Sell Your Antique Furniture.

There’s no obligation to sell if you receive a quote from us. We purchase all types of antique furniture throughout the United Kingdom while ensuring a compassionate and convenient service for anyone looking to sell their precious furniture.

The benefits of selling your antique furniture to us

No fees: No hidden fees or commission charges when you sell your antique furniture to Olympia Mayfair. Many people think using an auction is a good choice, but many times it is a lot more expensive than they think. It’s possible to pay up to 40% of the final fee when using an auction.

Highest prices on our valuation: Our valuations are higher than our competitors because of our experience and knowledge in dealing with all types of antique furniture, followed by our network of Private collectors, specialist dealers and interior designers to get the best value.

Immediate cash payment: Once you have accepted our valuation, you will receive a direct payment for your antique furniture. Our professional service is a quick and easy process from valuation to sale.

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Sell Your Antique Clocks to us

We always want to purchase all types of antique clocks, such as grandfather, Bracket, carriage, lantern, and skeleton clocks. We pay a premium price on Georgian and recency clocks.

How Olympia Mayfair's Service Works

When you want to sell your antique furniture, we guarantee the highest level of service, a quick and easy process that has the following simple steps:

1. Book your valuation: book your no-obligation valuation with one of our experts in antique furniture. One of our experts will perform a thorough appraisal and assess the value of antique furniture and any other items you wish to sell. You will receive the highest level of service in the comfort and privacy of your home.

2. Accept our offer: Once we have accepted our offer, we instantly avoid any auction fees, buyers’ commissions, and other charges when selling through an auction. We are confident our offer will be accepted.

3. Receive your payment: After you accept our offer, you will receive full payment for your antique furniture. We offer cash payments, Bank transfer payments (the faster payment method), Bacs payments, and Cheques Payments.

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Our extensive knowledge and network of buyers ensure the value of your antique furniture isn’t compromised.

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Contact Us First

The primary reason for choosing us is that we offer the highest values for your items. We also provide a quick and easy process when selling your antique furniture, with immediate payments.

We will give you the following advantages of our services:
   – Offer unachievable prices when selling through an auction house.
   – Expert valuations based on 30 years of experience and knowledge
   – The benefit of our services and network of relationships with                dealers and collectors throughout the UK.

Our reputation has been built on trust and transparency as expert buyers. We are purchasing a range of articles, no matter size or condition, from the smallest items of jewellery to the largest pieces of furniture. You can book your valuation with us today and find more information about whether we will buy your antiques.

Getting the best offer for your antique Furniture

When we buy antique furniture, we first identify the items’ origin, establish the item’s period, and find the maker’s mark before we arrive at a price for your antique furniture. We want to offer you the highest prices for your items, and we must get it right.
We are interested in buying many types of furniture, so we will offer the highest possible value if you have a valuable item. While prices fluctuate, we can still provide the best prices thanks to our unique service and position as leaders in the trade.

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We offer a personal service where we guide you through the process, including authenticating, certifying and valuing, completely free of charge

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Book Your Antique Furniture Valuation Today

If you have antique furniture you want to sell, we are the best place as we are known for paying more than our competitors. We buy a range of items no matter size or condition and offer a high level of service to our clients.

Please take advantage of our experience and knowledge and find out the history and maker of your antique furniture; there is no charge for this service. We buy all ranges of styles of quality period furniture and antique furniture. Book your valuation via our direct website link, telephone, or email us in confidence.

We Buy All Types of Antique Furniture

Olympia Mayfair offer a comprehensive service for anyone looking to sell antique furniture, this includes:

Contact us today for a free no-obligation valuation to find out how much your antique furniture is really worth. Our expert valuers with over 30 years of industry experience ensure you secure the best possible offer for your valuable items. 

No Fees

Highest Prices paid for your valuables

No Premiums

Free Antique Furniture Valuation

We offer free, no obligation valuations of all antique and period furniture. Just fill out the form below to receive a quick and easy price for your items.

Our Process


Guide Price

By filling in our free valuation form, you will receive an expert opinion on a guide price for your item. There’s no obligation by filling out the form, and there’s no fees incurred when using Olympia Mayfair to sell your items.


Free Valuation

The guide price will give you an idea of item value, but in order to really be 100% sure of an items value, we need to come out and see the item in person. We do this completely free of charge, and no obligations.



Once we’ve valued your item we will offer you that amount in full, with immediate payment. It’s absolutely fine to not accept this offer, or to take some time to think about the offer before accepting. We will be ready to purchase whenever suits you.

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