4 Common mistakes when selling jewellery

Not understanding its value

Unless you’re an expert when it comes to buying and selling jewellery, you may not fully understand the value of your items.

It could be that ring that has been on your finger for the best part of twenty years has value, but you don’t really know.

A specialist will tell you exactly what the value is. You can only then decide whether you are prepared to sell at that price or not.

Are the gems genuine or synthetic?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if the piece of jewellery you inherited from a previous generation is real or synthetic, but if you’re sure the jewellery is genuine, you can get it authenticated at a jeweler

Unless you’ve bought diamonds before, or know the difference between different grades of diamond, you probably don’t know what to look for when buying a diamond.

The most appropriate way to value and certify your jewellery is to have it valued by a qualified jeweller.

Selling jewellery online

This age of digital technology makes it seem that we live our lives online.

We buy, we transact and we socialise online. This means that we can therefore be tempted to sell online and this can lead to problems.

When selling jewellery online the risks are that you may end up with just a fraction of the true value of the item you’re looking to sell. It’s difficult for valuers to gain a true understanding of your item without seeing it in person. All items must be handled, felt, measured and examined in close detail to insure an accurate valuation. Online valuations can be a great way to gauge a rough value before following up with an in person valuation which can often secure you a better price for your jewellery.

Feeling pressured to sell

If you take your jewellery somewhere and they offer you a price straight away whilst pressurising you to accept that price, remember that it is your right to say no! If you aren’t comfortable with selling your items there and then just walk away and think about it first.

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